What exactly is Ombre Hair Color

What is Ombre hair color exactly?
The word Ombre is actually a French word for shading or graduating. Hair stylists have coined this terminology to describe a color technique that they have been using in the salon.

The color style happens to be worn by many “A” list stars of Hollywood such as actress Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few.

If you need a visual, think of dark hair at the scalp and lighter on the ends. Usually the color transitions from dark to light with no harsh transition line.

Although this technique could be used on short to medium hair, it tends to look best on long flowing locks. Depending on the two tones used, you can have a very contrasting color or a natural subtle look.

Ombre offers a wonderful color technique for individuals who desire a softer, low maintenance color. Ombre color works perfectly for those gals who only color their hair every three to four months. When I think of Ombre hair color I think of a natural yet stylish bohemian look.

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