What’s in Style: Next-Level Reds

Looking to stand out in those holiday party pictures? From a fiery copper-ginger blend to a darker maroon or burgundy, red is the perfect color for all seasons! Our color experts can find the perfect red for you—and give you pro tips on how to maintain it all season long.


The first step to going red is figuring out what your color goals are and what works best for your complexion, wardrobe and lifestyle. If warmer colors look better on you, you might lean toward a golden copper or a strawberry blonde on the lighter end of the spectrum or a cinnamon or bronze on the deeper end. If you lean toward cooler tones, your stylist may suggest something like a plummy burgundy, maroon or claret.

Everyone loves a bit of dimension, and adding pieces of lighter or darker shades is the best way to step up your color. You can brighten things up and draw attention to your eyes with lighter, bolder, face-framing pieces or an all-over balayage. If you want your red to have more depth, your colorist can add strategically placed darker pieces that can help contour your neck and add a little mystery to your color.


After you leave the salon looking amazing with your new ruby ‘do, the right home care and maintenance is crucial for keeping your color fresh. The molecules in red hair pigment are much larger than other colors, so they tend to fade quicker, meaning you need to use a color-safe shampoo/conditioner combo like Aveda Color Control. The sulfate-free formulas are meant for colored hair to gently cleanse while minimizing color wash-out, which is your newly red hair’s worst enemy.

And while using the right products will help preserve the color as much as possible, you still may find yourself wanting to get back some of that fresh-from-the-salon radiance in between full-color appointments. The solution? Book a quick toner session. Far less time and investment than a full-head hair color appointment; a date with a toner can bring back that vibrance to your color and ensure that your strands stay luxuriously glossy for weeks.

Ready to rock that red style? (We know you are.)

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