We recycle, yes we do, we recycle how about you?!

Josephine’s along with Aveda has introduced many ways to recycle within our walls from donating all cut hair to the Non-profit Matter of Trust Organization creating oil spill hair mats, to using recycled paper for all of our travelers, and our ‘Recycled Caps’ program. 

Plastic bottle caps can become dangerous pollutants, littering our beaches and oceans. Birds and other marine creatures mistake them for food. The magnitude of this pollution problem is devastating to our oceans and wildlife. Aveda realizes that we do not have an operable system in place to recycled plastic bottle caps, so they created one.

Josephine’s collects all hard, plastic bottle caps, which will then be shipped for recycling into new Aveda packaging, thus keeping them from entering our waterways and harming wildlife. You can return the caps through any of our locations.

Aveda is a great company with a long history of environmental concern, frequently changing packaging to reduce materials, and making recycling easier and adding more post-consumer content to their packages. Aveda is also the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power. Plus, this year they earned Cradle-to-Cradle certification for four ingredients. Wow! Now that’s an eco-friendly company to support!

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