Vivian Yeh on NYFW

New York Fashion Week isn’t for the faint of heart. Neither is it for the celeb-obsessed. The shows are work, and about much more than Kimye’s outfit or entourage. It’s about identity and being able to express yourself. It’s about following the trends but figuring out exactly how those trends—and which ones—play into your own individuality. Here, our very own owner Vivian Yeh gives us the lowdown on her first fashion week in the Big Apple.

Expect strong brows, lips & eyes this spring/summer


The strong brow is everywhere this fall and as predictions have it, it’ll stay that way as we ring in the New Year. A new take for the coming warmer months? No arch, as pictured above (Yeh with a model). “Some models leave their brow completely alone with no waxing,” she says.

Yeh was a part of the Aveda makeup team, completing 14-15 shows with a team of 30 other makeup artists. Each artist did one to two models at every show, oftentimes doing as many as two shows per day. The looks Yeh and the Aveda team created revolved around a strong lip and soft eyes or vice versa. “We picked one part of the face to focus on, like fuchsia lips, and kept everything else softer,” she says.

The trend is expected to be huge this spring.

Coming back to Texas: confidence


“It was a whirlwind of an experience,” Yeh says. What she takes away from it all is something everyone can appreciate: individuality trumps anything that’s trending.

“When I was out there in the audience with them, I realized it’s not about clothes or famous names—it’s about expressing your individuality,” she says. “The people all look so good and are expressing themselves through beauty and fashion—they don’t feel the need to look like everyone else. I’m going to find a way to incorporate that into my salons.”

Incorporating that into her salons starts with you. The next time you’re in, (has it been six weeks?) let your stylist know of that color you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. The key to any outfit, hairstyle, or makeup application is confidence. If you like it, rock it! And if we can help get you there, all the better.

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