Tips on Maintaining a Green Home

Who doesn’t love the world we live in?! What do you say we keep it CLEAN and GREEN!? Here are a few easy ways to keep your home more green.
  • Reducing home energy use and using renewable energy
  • Reducing home water use and protecting water resources
  • Selecting the most environmentally friendly location for a new home
  • Choosing greener home building materials and household products
  • Reducing waste from home construction and household activities and increasing recycling
  • Protecting your health from environmental hazards that occur in home
It is so important to recycle, not only to keep pollution out of the air, but also to keep our world clean, and our landfills to a minimum.
You can donate to Earth Month this year at both of our locations, several different ways. All of the proceeds go directly to Global Green Grants and The Gulf Restoration Network.

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