The Easy – Eye Catching Summer Trend

Aww, summertime. The time to follow the latest trend of  colorful feather extensions. Bright colors and interesting motifs makes the feathers become the hottest accessories for this years summer. You have seen them on TV, in Magazines, on your friends…but why haven’t you taken that next step, getting feather extensions installed? They add a splash of color to your hair, and even dress it up when you haven’t done a thing to it. This west coast trend is spreading quickly to the east and we are loving it!!! Feather hair extensions are an easy, non permanent and
inexpensive way to update your hairstyle!

The nice thing about hair feather extensions is you can choose a feather that compliments your hair color for a subtle bit of flair. Or go as bold as you dare, feathers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. And they can be treated like your own hair. The method of attaching feathers to hair was the most important part of the concept, as many extensions actually damage the integrity of your hair.  The method of attaching individual feathers with a silicone-lined microbead, which ensures no damage to the hair. It is not only easy on your hair but are both simple to install and remove. This application is not permanent, feathers are easy to maintain,  and a fun unique way to add individuality to your look!  Feathers can be washed, styled, or curled under 400 degrees. Each strand is treated just like a strand of hair Feather Extensions last 4-6 weeks depending if properly maintained.

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