Summer Saturday at Josephine’s!

Come into Josephine’s Eldridge this weekend and have a ball—a beach ball!

On Saturday, June 9th, Josephine’s invites you to come celebrate summer, with a glass of pink lemonade, and a sundress!

We will be offering special one-day-only promotions and discounts!

We wouldn’t want to send you out in the hot, hot, heat without preparing you first! The summer’s sun can be very damaging for your hair and skin—that’s why we want to help educate you on all the different precautions you can use in order to keep your skin’s healthy glow, and leave your hair full of moisture and shine!


There will be Special Discounts off of the following products:

Tinted Moisturizer | Colorless SPF | Lip Gloss | Lip Glaze | Uruku Bronzer | Sun Care Hair Veil | Sun Care Hair & Body Wash | Sun Care Conditioning Masque | OPI Nail Polish | Lip Saver | Herbal Clay Masque | Intensive Hydrating Masque


In order to take advantage of these special offers, you must use the code phrase: LIFE IS A BEACH

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