Stressed out hands? Try Aveda’s New Stress-Fix lotion!

Aveda’s new Stress-Fix lotion is perfect for those of you who have tired fingers, from typing the day away, or exhausted hands from moving your hands in a repetitive motion.

First, apply Stress-Fix body lotion to your hands, then hold both hands under your nose-deep breath in, deep breath out.
Second, holding your arms in a neutral position, rotate your wrist several times in both directions.
Third, use the thumb of your left hand to massage the palm of your right. Use strong, circular motions. Repeat on your left palm.
Fourth, turn your hand over and use the thumb of your left hand to massage the back of your right hand-stroking from knuckle to wrist. Repeat on left hand.
Finally, finish off by using a pitch and release motion on each finger. Repeat for opposite hand.

There you have it-a taste of at home stress relief.

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