Say it With Color!

Josephine’s has the scoop! You don’t need to wear a mood ring or take a quiz in the magazine to know your personality—just take a look at your nails! Your favorite polish can speak volumes about who you are! Whether you’re sassy and spontaneous or shy and soft spoken, your polish does the speaking for itself!

Whether you’re sporting a playful cherry red, a loud fire-engine red, or a sophisticated shade of garnet—you’re a woman who loves to make a splash! That being said, you may also have a chic, classic side. Red is a definite attention getter, so often it is associated with someone confident and energetic.

If it’s barely-there sheer, romantic rose, or a traffic-stopping magenta—you’ve probably got a warm, feminine side. Pink is a universal girly color. Women who like pink generally are very friendly, very approachable, and they make you feel good. The softer the shade— the more feminine the woman.

Maybe you like a loud, tangerine colored manicure?! This color reveals a cheerful, optimistic person who can work harmoniously with others. Orange is a very congenial color, and someone who wears orange on her nails probably is the kind of person who gets along with a lot of people.

Gravitating toward the earth-tone family, from pale beige to dark chocolate, indicates you’re probably a very grounded, natural type who radiates a steady warmth. Browns tend to have an earthiness about them. Women who sport browns are recognized as more stable, reliable and approachable.

Metallic colors are subtle or flashy shades of silver, copper or gold. These indicate that you’re probably a smart, bold, powerful person with no problem being in the spotlight or having your achievements recognized.

Purple shades have been long associated with royalty and nobility. A purple preference points to confidence and expression. Women who like purple seem to be more comfortable in their skin. They are extroverted, but not as intense.

Embracing the infamous pink-and-white look is a simple style choice. Women who like French manicures tend to be very classy, practical women. A French manicure goes with absolutely everything! It’s classic.

Naked nails point to a parallel in personality. You’re probably a straight-forward, genuine, no-fuss kind of person.
Now, which personality are you??? Do you think these were accurate? If you’re one of those women who love to rock a different color every two weeks—you go girl!

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