Sassy Summer Eyes

I know what you’re thinking, “it’s ladies night out this weekend, and I can’t do a smoky eye look in the winter!” Ladies, have no fear—sassy summer eyes, by Josephine’s, is here!

Step One: Prep the eye with a basic light shadow. This could be a tan, light pink, or even a light blue color.

Step Two: Lightly line the upper lash line, with a black eye liner pencil. Be very careful to make sure your line is right against the lash line.

Step Three: Using a smudge brush, bring the black line up, to look more like a dramatic cat-eye. You can make this as over-baring and dramatic or as light and crisp as you would like.

Step Four: Start at the middle of the lower lash light, and use the black eye liner pencil to meet the outer corner of your eye. This will make the ends of your eyes appear smaller, and sexier.

Step Four: Apply false lashes for a fun and sexy ladies-night-out look!

Now, go out with the girls and have yourself a blast!

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