Protecting your hair this summer just got easier

It is proven that fine hair tends to be oily and weak so it needs both strong cleansers and lightweight conditioner. It has 50% less protein than thicker hair. It is especially important in the summer time to keep your hair protected against the summer sun no matter if it is fine or thick.

 Look for styling products with a built in sun protection factor like Aveda’s Sun care Hair, a color safe formula that gently and effectively removes, chlorine, salt, and product build up while helping to maintain moisture balance. Bear in mind that products that contain alcohol can dry your hair out even faster in the sun, so unless your hair needs to be styled, avoid products containing alcohol, or any other substance that would typically dry out hair. Also be aware that the SPF will wash out if you go swimming or sweat the same rules that apply to sunscreen on your face apply here. Having your hair blocked from the sun is another way to protect it, try braiding your hair so that all of the hair is not exposed to the sun to be damaged or just simply wear a hat. Remember that you don’t want the hair closest to your scalp the healthiest hair on your head to get damaged. 
 These tips can help protect your hair from damage this summer and help keep your locks full.

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