Post-Summer Hair Repair

Not all of us were as conscious about protecting our hair this summer. But come the end of summer and beginning of fall we take a glance in the mirror and realize that we could have done more to protect our hair. A season of exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine chemical residues can come together to cause damage to our strands. By the end of the summer, hair can become so dehydrated it looks and feels nearly fried. Your hair is crying out for some extra TLC. Our professional revival system is guaranteed to bring those strands back to life.

Step one to revival is a recovery period, make sure when using any blow dryers or hair heat tools you are using a protective serum. Try Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair which protects your hair from heat styling and detangles your strands. This is the time your hair needs the most conditioning, we recommend conditioning a few times a week. To bring back hydration to your hair, rehydrate by Deep Conditioning your hair once a week for 30 minutes to add lost moisture to your strands. Aveda Damage remedy Hair and Scalp treatment will do just the trick. This spa like retreat is a deep conditioning treatment that promotes healthy hair and scalp with a thorough scalp massage, using a customer blend of aromatic essential oils that treat your scalps condition while balancing mind and mood.

Next, your hair is nourished with a Damage Remedy treatment while you are treated to a stress-relieving massage for tired hands. Next step is to replenish your hair by giving your scalp and hair the lost oils and moisture it is craving after the summer months. Many of you are probably familiar with our blue oil when receiving a hand massage during your shampoo. Not only does our blue oil condition your skin especially when paired with Aveda hand relief but it also relaxes the scalps tension and raise energy levels with the balancing aromas of refreshing peppermint and soothing blue camomile. When gently touched to skin, its special roller-ball applicator releases the perfect amount of concentrate for on-the-spot, cooling acupressure therapy. Renew your hair with a new cut and color for the autumn season is your final step to complete rejuvenation of your hair. By cutting off dead ends that have grown out more rapidly during the summer you are giving your hair a fresh start to fall. Use products that help smooth your hair, if you have curly strands try Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Line. Ask your Josephine’s Stylist next time you are in for a visit for home care regimen recommendations for your hair.

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