Pedicure Cleanliness

How many times have you gone to get a pedicure and you watch the technicians every move, to ensure that your experience is nothing less than sanitary. There are really just three priority details that are not to be overlooked.
  • Before letting them begin your pedicure, check out the Jacuzzi tub your technician has picked out for you. Do not let her run the water until you have took a quick peek inside, checking for residue, dirty water, clippings—anything! By state law, each pedicure tub must be filled with disinfectant and left soaking for 15-20 minutes after each client. If the appearance is questionable, ask your technician to see their pedicure log book. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation code requires that every spa obtain this log. After each service, your technician should be logging when he/she last cleaned each pedicure tub, and most spas have their previous guest sign off on it.
  • Make sure they are taking their tools directly from a sanitary bag before using them. Before they start your pedicure, take a look around—are they doing this for other guest?
  • Last but far from least, check out the environment, make sure it’s clean, and make sure the technicians are wearing gloves.

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