Outsmart Your Up-Do

Do you have dinner plans this weekend? Or maybe a last minute event, that requires a little more than just the regular, every day, curl-and-spray? We got this idea from one of our Do-it-yourself Boards on our Pinterest. Follow these four simple steps, and you will be looking like Cinderella in no time at all!
Step One: Take a section from the crown of your head, and tease it. You can make your bump as big or small as you prefer.
Step Two: Section your hair into three different segments, and braid each ponytail. Your braids can be prim and proper, or fun and messy. Remember, you’re outsmarting your up-do, you get to call the shots!
Step Three: Take each braided ponytail separately, and twirl them around into a bun. Make sure your buns are close together.
Step Four: Don’t tell anyone your secret! You have just performed an at-home up-do, and you’re ready for the red carpet!
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