Not enought time? How to get ready in a flash

You just got a last minute invite to a happy hour or dinner and you are still at the office, or date night is here and you still need to feed the kids, get them in their PJ’s and ready for the sitter! Don’t have the time to be super women and still look good for your evening night out? Of course we all want to look like well WOW! Here are a few tips to get you ready in a flash whether you are getting ready in your bathroom at home or the bathroom at work.

Let’s start with your hair. Begin by twisting a small section of the front part of your hair close to your forehead and pinning it back. Either pull the remaining hair back into a tight ponytail or twist the rest of the hair into ropy spirals and dampen, then lightly spray with Aveda’s Brilliant Medium Hold Hair Spray and let it dry. Finger comb later on. This will help you create the latest summer style wave look.  

For eyes that “Pop” first fill your eyebrows with tiny pencil strokes for an instant lift. Then add color to your eye lids with the help of Aveda’s Petal Essence eye color trio. Smooth over a darker color in your creases going from the outside of the eye in, and repeat. Add a lighter tone on the top of the darker shadow to make an even contrast. Lastly for your mouth drench lips in rich, succulent color, try Aveda’s lip glaze Pepino for a nice shine!

That’s it, you will be ready in no time to hit the town where ever that may be.

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