Neck moisturizing: your layers of skin care

Many women worry about the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and face skin care while forgetting the fragile neck skin just below. Degraded collagen and a loss of elasticity make all your skin, not just your face, more prone to wrinkles, sagging, and uneven coloration as you age. In fact, the skin on the neck is even thinner than on the face, making it even more vulnerable to fine lines and sun damage.
The use of a good moisturizer can help prevent causes of wrinkles around the neck and help the prevention of neck wrinkles. As most women grow older, their body fat redistributes to different areas. Instead of losing fat in desirable areas like the stomach and thighs, most women tend to lose fat around the: Neck, Eyes, and Cheeks

Lack of fat under these areas means there is a reduced level of support for the skin. This can result in the sagging skin around the neck and throat that is sometimes referred to as “turkey neck.”

Other factors that contribute to sagging skin in the neck region is the loss proteins found in the dermis layer of the skin called collagen and elastin. Collagen gives your skin firmness and strength, while elastin provides your skin with flexibility. As you age, less collagen is produced and the elastin becomes weakened and worn out. When combined with fat loss, it’s a recipe for neck wrinkles.

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