Master this Va-VOOM Hairstyle

The key to this at-home style is patience….

Begin by backcombing your ponytail to create a bigger, more secure bun.
If your hair is SUPER fine, this is especially helpful.
A little bit of teasing goes a long way, not only creates the illusion of more hair but
 also it gives it enough grip to stay up all day or night. Secure the front section with
Aveda’s Control Force hairspray for all day hold.

Next crisscross the bobby pins into your hair to keep it in
place and create a tight grip. If you’re using bobby pins to create the bun,
here’s how to make it super secure:
-Push the feet of the bobby pin up through the edge of the bun
-Then jackknife the bobby pin back down, towards the center of the bun.

Finally wrap or tuck the bun tightly and then loosen it a bit with your fingers.
Most of us want a little bit of fuzz or messiness in an up-do, but if you start
 messy, your chignon or topknot (or whatever type of bun you’re creating)
will get really messy by the end of the night.
Start with a tighter, more secure bun and then loosen strands lightly with
your fingers to make it look less perfect.

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