Josephine’s Aveda Spa Pedicure– The New Weekly Routine

toe nails

Your feet have had it after a long day, you may remember those familiar words, “My feet are killing me”, as you moan and pull off a show to rub your feet. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a wonderful companion that will help us relieve foot pain every day. And no wonder cramped into high heels all day your feet are screaming for a break.  We are here to help with the experience of our Aveda Spa Pedicure; a spa service once considered a luxury has quickly become a necessity in the modern family. Most people spend 70% of their feet, and rarely do they stop to take the proper care as you would washing your hair and body, and brushing your teeth. The Aveda Spa Pedicure at Josephine’s enables you to relax, renew and give the proper body care treatment that is well needed and deserved. The spa pedicure includes each of the original pedicure regimes of removing polish, cutting the nails, lightly buffing, pushing the cuticles back, and taking off calices is needed. It also includes an invigorating Aveda body polish exfoliant, cooling mask with an Aroma hot towel to entice the senses, a luxurious hot stone massage, renewing paraffin treatment and the perfect OPI polish touch up. This hour long experience is good for increasing circulation to keep you on your way to a better tomorrow.

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