Ingrid’s JoJo blog: Introduction

For weeks I’ve thought about what I would write about in my first blog. I mulled over it, made notes, only to crumble them up and throw them in the trash. Then it hit me, if this is the first blog I am writing to my “Josephine’s people,” shouldn’t I start it off by introducing myself? Duh! Many of you might know me as the curly headed girl, (no, not the blonde one, that’s Katie), running around the salon talking to everyone, sweeping, answering phone calls, laughing at just about everything. So in case I haven’t properly introduced myself, here it goes:

My name is Ingrid, and I am the Relationship Manager at this great place I love called, Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon, right here in the heart of the Energy Corridor area of Houston, Texas. I am taking over the blogs, and I hope you enjoy them. In them I will try my best to inform you of what’s going on in our “Jo Jo world” such as promotions, events, new products, such as make up, (I LOVE MAKE UP.) I will talk to you fine people about the many great tips I get from the stylists and estheticians to the nail technicians and massage therapists.
I must admit that in the year that I have worked here, I have learned so much about anything and everything regarding maintaining our beauty. I feel that it is my duty to inform you all of this information, whether good or bad, in hopes that you get the most out of your experience with us at my beloved Josephine’s. I would love for this blog not to be so one sided, because I know I can’t possibly be as interesting as I think I am, so I would love for your comments and feedback. Talk to me about what interests you in the beauty industry and I will do my best in researching and getting back to you with a good response! Oh, and if you happen to find my blog amusing, share it! Remember, sharing is caring.
Hope to see you back on my blog, now I’m off to ponder about what I am going to write about next! Wish me luck! Oh, and I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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