How to Keep a Fresh Face This Summer

We all know that summer has its pro’s and con’s. We love the summer sun, and the late night breeze, but we hate what it does to our skin! Follow these tips, and we’ll have your summer skin feeling fresh in no time!

1. Switch up your foundation. During summer months, go for an oil-free powder foundation. Like, Aveda’s Dual Foundation. Its works great for light or heavy coverage. It’s also very light weight, and will not appear “cakey”. If the summer’s heat gives you oily skin, it’s perfect for “shine-control”!
2. Blot your face. Keep a pack of oil-blotting papers on hand to soak up shine without messing up your makeup—or you could do it the old-school way: Separate a 2-ply tissue and press a single layer on the skin—believe us, it still works.
3. Use a sheer coverage sunscreen. It’ll give you SPF protection and a polished-looking complexion. Try Aveda’s Tinted Moisturizer! It comes in all different complexions, and it is now available in sheer! It contains SPF 15, and moisturizes your skin as it protects and hides blemishes.
4. Don’t go crazy with cleansing. A lot of women use overly aggressive face washes and toners too frequently, which kicks oil-production into overdrive. Consider a more gentle cleanser, or simply use yours less often. You may not need to wash your face first thing in the morning if you removed makeup properly the night before. Try Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Gel Cleanser for a gentle was on oily skin. It works wonders!
5. Don’t forget to pamper your skin. We recommend getting a 60-minute facial every 4-6 weeks, to keep your pores clean, and your skins glow healthy. Now, when you book your next four appointments with a Josephine’s skin care specialist, you will receive 10% off each appointment!
There you have it—5 easy steps for fresh-feeling summer skin! Have a lovely summer— we hope to see you soon!

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