How To Hide Dark Circles– Brought To You By Josephine’s!

Aveda Green Science Firming Creme

Hey there Josephine’s Fans! Boy, do we have some awesome advice for you! We know you enjoyed all those sleepless summer nights, without a doubt! But how are you enjoying those dark circles now that school and regular everyday life is back in session?! Don’t worry! We’ve got a secret, and we’re dying to spill!

First of all, this wouldn’t be a blog post brought to you by Josephine’s, if we didn’t offer our Aveda Pure-fessional advice, right?! Well, Aveda has this awesome little secret, called Green Science Firming Eye Crème. It doesn’t get more specific than that! Everybody knows Firming Eye Crème works wonders for fine lines, and wrinkles, but what they don’t know is it’s fabulous for dark under-eye circles! It’s amazing! All you need to do is apply a thin layer before bed, and you can actually feel it start to activate! This would be step one.

Step two is makeup-or more specifically, concealer, (Every girl’s best friend on Saturday morning, after a long Friday night!). This is the part where we get a little geometrical. Apply a triangular-shaped patch of concealer under both eyes. This will lift and light up your face, and make those unflattering dark circles disappear!
There you have it! We can’t wait to get your feedback-let us know what you think tomorrow after you try it out… we know you’re going to! 😉

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