Getting your skin ready for winter

It’s almost fall. Time for sports, sending the kids back to school, and getting your skin ready for winter. If you’re like most people, your skin has just been exposed to sun damage.  And even though you were supposed to, you didn’t use SPF every day.  Well, now is the time to fix that damage and have your skin glowing in no time.


There are many harsh side effects the sun causes, wrinkles; brown spots, red capillaries, enlarged pores and thin, dry skin to list a few. Your skin rehab includes exfoliating which is the process of removing the dead skin with glycolic acid or even a loofah pad. And at night put vitamin A on your skin.  Aveda’s Tourmaline charged radiance fluid is the wonder drug for the skin. The molecular level of the Tourmaline fluid penetrates’s the skin to work from the inside out. The fluid is recommended because creams can only penetrate so far to really get to work for your skin. Other things that are good for your skin include vitamin C (also at night) and vitamin B3. But you can’t just crush a vitamin and smear it on your skin.  These skin care ingredients have to be formulated in just the right way with the right concentration and the right form of the vitamin to do their magic. Our skin professional recommend the enbrightment line for reverse hyper pigmentation (dark spots) as the home regimen of choice. Try our brighten Beauty on Demand treatment for a instant lift to your complexion and let the glowing begin.

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