Four Ways to Tweak Your Ponytail

Ok, ok, we know school is back in session, and you don’t want to wake up an extra 15 minutes earlier just to straighten or curl your hair-and we don’t blame you, who would!? Josephine’s has four new and exciting ways to tweak that boring ponytail, so you don’t get stuck with the lazy, I-didn’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed look.

Look One: The Weave Ponytail

You simply weave your hair around the base, sort of like a braid, only-not.

Look Two: The Wrap Ponytail

Just wrap your hair around the base; several inches passed the elastic band. Hold this in place with a bobby pin, and spray with Aveda’s Control Force for extra hold.

Look Three: The Wrap & Bump Ponytail

One of our personal favorites! As difficult as this looks-all you have to do is wrap your hair around the base, and secure your hair with a second elastic band, three inches down your ponytail. Tug at the bottom of the ponytail to bump it up!

Look Four: The Twisted Ponytail

Which look is your favorite? More importantly, which one do you plan of trying first?!

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