Do it yourself– Date Night Do’

Do you have a date this weekend, and couldn’t get a last minute appointment at Josephine’s?! Don’t fret! We created this blog post for you!
We’re going to show you step by step how to achieve this look, without hitting the salon!
Step 1: Section a small area at the crown of your head. Tease this section with a brush or a comb to get your preferred height.
Step 2: Swoop your hair to the side, in a messy, but stylish manner, and braid it. Your braid can be neat or messy. Remember, the messier, the sexier!
Step 3: Wrap your braid in a circle shape bun, and bobby-pin it.
Step 4: Slip a few light curls in your bangs, and bobby-pin the front piece for a nice, put-together, look.
Step 5 and 6: Perfect your up-do! Add loose curls, or bobby-pins to the needed areas.
You’re ready for your date! Make sure he opens the door for you, ladies.
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