Daily Hair Repair Testimonial

Damage Remedy’s Daily Hair Repair is fabulous! No really, we’re not just saying that, it really rocks! We came across this review and felt impelled to share, because we feel the exact same way! Check out what this user has to say…

I beat the crap out of my hair last summer with multiple bleaching. It was a ratty mess. My stylist suggested this, and man, it works! I would wash my hair at night, then put this in after towel drying, and then leave it on overnight. It restored it to something convincingly healthy, shiny, strong, and especially SOFT. What a surprise.”

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair creates beautiful hair by instantly repairing it. It penetrates inside the strands to bring damaged hair back to life! This is your chance to make your hair healthier than ever—call Josephine’s today to reserve your bottle!

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