Blow-out with your round brush

If you are not achieving the right out of the salon look with your round brush you may not be using it the right way. When used with the heat of a blow dryer the metal core of the brush heats up, shaping the hair from the inside out. The smaller the brushes the more likely they will work like rollers to create curl and movement, the larger round brushes the more smooth tresses and body added. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that professional stylist blow-out using just your round brush.


After washing your strands towel dry your hair, do not brush wet hair to detangle this will only cause breakage. Next put in the product of your choice, if you are trying to increase volume try Aveda’s volumizing tonic and/or phomiollant. Begin blow drying only drying the hair up to 75%, then section your hair in multiple areas. Start by round brushing your hair under in the bottom section, repeat with each section leaving the bangs for last.  When you have finished just make sure to unplug all styling tools before rushing off to where ever you’re going. You look great!

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