Aveda’s New 5,000 year old healing tradition

Aveda’s 5,000 year old healing tradition for thinning hair

Named after the Sanskirt word for invigorate, Aveda’s new Invati System for Thinning Hair, a new hair care regimen, aims to help male and female guest keep the hair they have longer. The collection of 97% naturally derived products promises to reduce hair loss by 33%, thanks to Densiplex, an invigorating complex of Ayurvedic herbs that when massaged in helps to rehabilitate the scalp around the foliciles. “With the Densiplex complex, we have found a botanically sourced solution for visibly thining hair that harnesses the energy of turmeric and ginseng, ” says Pat Peterson, vice president of research and development-product development at Aveda.

The Invati collection features Exfoliating Shampoo, which rejuvenates the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid; Thickening conditioner; scalp revitalize, formulated with turmeric and ginseng ot help energize the scalp around the follicles.

The line is particularly suited for females. “Forty six % of women globally are concerned with thinning hair yet only a quarter ofr them act on it,” say Marianne Knuston, Aveda Vice President of Global marketing. “The majority of women treating thinning hair are unsatisfied with their current regimen and are very interested in natural alternative. The significant gap in treatment inspired Aveda to enter the Anti-thinning  hair category to provide guest s with high performing botanical-derived solutions and capitalize on a considerable growth opportunity for the brand.

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