10 Nail Care Tips for Spring

10 Nail Care Tips for Spring

Going into Spring, it is time to start thinking about open-toed shoes and getting your nails done. Everyone may not notice when your nails aren’t done, but they sure notice when they are! As you prepare your Spring wardrobe, think about caring for your nails with these 10 easy-to-do tips!

1) Protect During Spring Cleaning In most households, spring is characterized by a lot of cleaning. With the household chores, your hands will always be wet. You should consider wearing cotton-lined rubber gloves for protection. This is because fingernails swell when wet and shrink when they dry up. This leads to weak fingernails.

2) Doing Yard Work? Think Lotion If you are working on the garden this spring, wear water resistant rubber gloves. Apply lotion before putting on the gloves. The best hand creams for this are those with natural ingredients and antioxidants, such as Aveda hand relief.

3) Scissors Before Filing You should always trim your fingernails with manicure scissors before you embark on filing. Trim straight across and then round the tips. You should not do excessive filing as this could cause splitting. File in one direction only.

4) Spring Manicure Trends Follow the latest spring trends and understand the dos and don’ts of spring nail care. You should go for monochrome print manicures, reverse French manicures, Chartreuse nails, Ombre manicures, or two toned colors. These manicures work perfectly for spring.

5) Use A Cuticle Stick And Oil Once you are done with the clipping, gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle stick. If they are cracking, do not do the pushing. Put some cuticle oil on them after every shower for quick healing.

6) Keep Your Nails Hydrated Always keep your nails moisturized. Dehydration is particularly common if you regularly use nail polish remover. The moisturizer you use for your skin will work for your nails. The best moisturizers for your nails are those that contain plant based emollients. Vitamin E oil works wonders for the health of your cuticles. All natural Aveda hand and foot relief has vitamins A and E added to increase antioxidant content.

7) Coat Your Nails Do not forget to coat the outside of your nails. You could use ridge fillers or polish for this. This will help prevent splitting and breaking.

8) Use Natural Nail Products Use mineral nail products whenever you can. Avoid all nail products that contain toluene or formaldehyde since they can damage your nails. Whenever you have an infection, use such disinfectant creams as Bacitracin and Neosporin.

9) Use Polish Remover Even With No Previous Polish Wipe your nails with nail polish remover before applying nail polish, even if you did not have any on. Only apply the nail polish when your nails are completely dry. Use several thin coats of the nail polish for the polish to last longer and to dry faster. Do not reapply the nail polish regularly as this leads to the drying of the nails.

10) Eat The Right Things For the best nails, eat foods that are rich in folic acid such as kale, berries, whole grain. Don’t forget you should also keep your body hydrated.

Use these tips to get your nails ready for beautiful spring fashions, fantastic colors, and “wow” nails! Come see our nail technicians to learn more about nail tips and get a beautiful manicure for Spring!

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