10 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Makeup is supposed to help your appearance, not ruin it! Even celebrities are guilty of goofing this up. From obvious concealer and clumpy lashes, to overplucked brows and goopy lip-gloss, find out how to fix 10 common makeup mistakes that can easily be avoided! Learn how to avoid these mistakes and how to find the best makeup for your appearance.

#1Mismatched foundation Uh oh, Demi Lovato, your face is two shades paler than your body! When foundation is too pale, take a powder blush and deepen underneath your cheek bones and across forehead for some warmth. Then, take a damp sponge and press it into the skin, do not wipe. This should revitalize the color of your skin and make your mistake work.” Get a recommendation next time you are in on which Aveda concealor or Dual Action Foundation shade matches your skin tone.

#2 Clumpy Eyelashes Walking around with clumped together, spidery eyelashes like Kim Kardashian’s would probably get you nothing but weird looks. “Please only ever apply two coats. You need to determine the strength of your lashes as you would you hair. If your lashes are thin, don’t use a lash thickener. Use something milder that will slightly build up your lashes,” Linter says. If your lashes are already clumped, take a spiral brush and remove the mascara by swirling against the lashes.

#3 Obvious Lipliner Even supermodels like Rebecca Romijn aren’t immune to “clown mouth.” We recommend looking for a lip pencil in a shade that mimics your natural lip tone and simply sketch around the lip line, adding shape and contour. If you shade and shape the lips rather than line them, this will keep lip liner looking modern and beautiful regardless of the lipstick or lip gloss shade you choose to wear.

#4Streaky Blush To avoid streaky blush, check your blush brush and make sure it is puffy and the hairs are not separated or damp looking. Try applying moisturizer and foundation, and then let them sit and blend into the skin. Blush brushes should always be puffy and clean looking. If your blush is darker in the middle that means it has been discolored by a damp brush. The entire piece of blush in a compact should be the same shade.

#5 Too much eye-shadow To cut down on eyeshadow overload like Eva Longoria’s”way too dark for daytime” look. Try this instead: take a Q-Tip and dip it into a moisturizer or a makeup remover pad, gently swipe off the tone you need to take down. Then, take your pinky or a sponge tip applicator and just dab on a bit of a neutral tone shadow to soften the look.

#6 Goopy Lip Gloss A glossy pout can make lips look oh-so-kissable, but going overboard can result in a goopy mess. You should use a small amount of gloss, and then if you want a lighter nude or higher shine add extra just in the center of lower lips. If your gloss is a sheer formula, then apply it over a matching lipstick for full coverage. You can always wipe off excess gloss around the lip area with your finger or a Q-Tip.

#7 Overplucked eyebrows If you’ve OD’ed on the tweezing like Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah take a matte shadow two shades lighter than your natural eyebrow hair color and create the brow shape you want to see. If you prefer to fill in your brows with a pencil. You must use a brow pencil and not an eyeliner pencil. Brow pencils are hard for a reason–they don’t smudge. Eyeliner pencils will smudge and go on too dark.

#8 Smudged eyeliner There are two ways to deal with smudged eyeliner. Sandy Linter says, You have ‘hot lids’–as in, your lids are warmer and you must use a shadow base before you apply eyeliner.  Alternatively, you can turn your smudgy liner into a smoky eye. Keep a small liner brush in your makeup bag and simply blending the smudged liner around your eyes. It redistributes the pigment and cleans it up in a sultry style.

#9 Flaky Lipstick When you’re wearing a gorgeous shade like Evan Rachel Wood’s, the last thing you want is clumps and uneven color. Most likely, it’s your lips, they’re probably dry and possibly look deflated. Try putting a clear gloss on my lip brush and then swipe the lipstick and apply. To smooth your pout, Lucero suggests, Mix a bit of lip balm on lips after you brush your teeth every morning. It will leave behind a soft, cushioned feeling on lips.

#10 Obvious Concealor Don’t cake on concealer like Kelly Osborne. If your concealer doesn’t do what it’s supposed to (you know, conceal) or stands out, it means two things: Wrong formula and wrong color. You have to find a brightening peachy creamy concealer for under the eyes to lift and neutralize darkness like blue tones. Look for a matte texture concealer with yellow and beige tones to use on the face if you need to cover redness and blemishes around the nose and chin. Ask to speak with one of our makeup specialist next time your in for makeup suggestions.

All of these makeup mistakes can be easily avoided. Learn more about how to acheive the best results for your skin tone at a Josephine’s makeup workshop.

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