Josephine’s Clarisonic Skin Care Tips

You’re probably wondering, what’s all the fuss about Clarisonics?! Why are they so much better than scrubbing your face with a shammy cloth or any other facial scrub that is said to cleanse and deep clean pores. Well, the answer is simple—keep reading…

Oily Skin vs. Dry Skin

Clarisonic Cleansing System for Oily Skin

I know you’ve heard the skin care myths about facial scrubs and oily skin. The truth is, cleansing your oily skin with a scrub is the last thing your skin needs. This will only make your face appear greasier. Dermatologists say, the Clarisonic’s oscillating brush is gentle on the skin, and manages to deep cleanse your pores, without inferring with your skin’s natural oils. Not to mention it is super flexible! Amy B. Lewis, an N.Y.C. dermatologist, says: “You can use it in the shower, set a timer so you don’t over cleanse, and swap in an assortment of brush heads.”

Clarisonic Cleansing System for Dry Skin

Did you know that dry skin rebuffs the advances of coarse, exfoliating beads? That’s why the Clarisonic is not only Dermatologist-approved, but it is also they’re all-time favorite way to recreate and revamp your skins natural glow. The oscillating bristles have customized settings, to sweep away those annoying dead skin cells, making it easier for active ingredients in your skin care regiments to penetrate your skin.


Come into Josephine’s today, and ask our Guest Care Representative, Daniela, about our Clarisonics! We carry the Pink Breast Cancer Clarisonic, the Traditional White Clarisonic, and the new trendy designed Clarisonics!

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