Do it yourself: Sassy Summer Nail Design

Nail art is more hot than ever, and making a huge commotion this summer! Save your cash for the beach resorts, and try Josephine’s Do-it-yourself steps for this nail design! This style is definitely WINNING!

Step One: Polish your nail with a color of your choice. Jazz up your swim gear and pick a color that matches it!
Step Two: Let your polish dry, and apply clear coat.
Step Three: Just before the clear coat dries completely, place the small plastic netting over each nail, and sponge or sprinkle the loose glitter over each nail.
Step Four: If you’re satisfied with the placement of the glitter, go over each nail with clear coat, to hold the glitter in place.
Now, you’re fabulous! Go out and rock your new nail art, courtesy of Josephine’s BlogSpot Tips!

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