Beauty on the Go!

Are you doing a lot of traveling this summer? Well, you know what they say—Good hair starts with GREAT products! You will need the perfect product for each vacation spot you visit—believe it or not, different cities have a lot to do with your hair style, and how long it lasts. We blame it on the climate, general energy of the place, air quality, and last, but certainly not least, water! Salt water, chlorine, and even lake water, can have your hair feeling pretty rough! We recommend you stock up on the right hair care regime before heading out to the beach this summer!

Planning on staying in a hotel? Well, hotel shampoos aren’t always trustworthy, especially if you’re saving money on the hotel, and spending it on excursions! We recommend you bring along Aveda’s Sun Care Hair & Body Wash. The clarifying lather will cut grease and rid your strands of minerals from the water, but you must chase it with a deep conditioner. Luckily for you, Aveda’s Sun Care line also carries a Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque! This will redistribute moisture and nutrients that the shampoo stripped away.

For added protection, Aveda’s Sun Care Hair Veil is perfect for spray-and-go protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays!

Good news—Josephine’s carries all three of these products! We also have travel sizes from skin care products, to hair care! Stock up before the big vaca!

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