Are You Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes?

Have you ever thought to clean your makeup brushes? Some of you may not know, but the brushes you use daily could actually be the dirtiest utensil in your home. Makeup brushes contain so much build up and bacteria from makeup application, after application. Think about how many times you have applied new makeup over old makeup. Now, think about all the things that your face comes in contact with throughout the day. Do you really want to put that dirty brush against your face again tomorrow?

Follow these super easy steps, and your brushes will be as clean as you thought they were!

1. Wash in warm water with mild soap.
2. Do not leave brushes soaking in water.
3. Rinse well & shake off any excess water.
4. Reshape brushes & allow to dry flat.
5. Store in protective pouch or place in appropriate holder when completely dry.


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